Buying Oils


I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate would love to talk to you about bringing essential oils and other doTERRA products into your life.

Here are a few ways of purchasing oils for yourself.

  • You can buy the oils and products through me at retail price.

  • You can join doTERRA and buy the oils and products at wholesale prices, a 25% discount. This is similar to joining BJs or Sam’s Club. You pay a once a year membership and then purchases at a discount.

  • doTERRA has a very generous benefit program for those who buy in larger quantities. There are opportunities to receive a free oil each month. You can gather credits to redeem for oils or products. If interested, I would be happy to explain their Loyalty Rewards Program to you.

    Please email or call me to make a purchase or to discuss how doTERRA oils can help you.

    207-653-9792 *