Classes & Workshops

Throughout the year, I offer a variety of classes in various locations. I am regularly invited to teach at the Ferry Beach Camp and Conference Center and have been a featured speaker at Women’s Health Forums.

To be informed about dates, times and locations of the next class, or, if there is a particular class you are interested in, please let me know so I may keep you informed. Please contact me to be added to my mailing list.

This site will be updated periodically with information about future classes.

There are no events currently scheduled.

Personal Empowerment Class Series

Price: $100

Come learn about yourself, your desires and what stands in your way to manifesting them. You will practice turning a limiting belief into a positive affirmation. There will be a self-discovery questionnaire, in-class exercises, homework and lots of discussion. Four 2-hour classes.

Understanding the Law of Attraction And How to Use it to Your Advantage

Price: $125

Watching videos, listening to lectures, practicing at home, reading and discussing wise words, you will come to understand the principles of the Law of Attraction. We will apply the Law of Attraction to the subject of money, relationships, emotions, children, health and much more. Five 2-hour classes.

Manage your Own Energy System with RYSE – Realizing Your Sublime Energies

Where: 11 West Casco Ave Ocean Park, ME


Price: $400

You have an energetic system much like your digestive system, vascular system etc. This whole course is about realizing and understanding how your energetic system’s health and clarity, or lack thereof, affects your vital life force and what YOU can do about it. Every class includes education, discussion, experiences and guided meditation. Four 4-hour classes.

At 11 West Casco Ave, Ocean Park 04063 653-9792

Price includes 1 text book and 5 guided meditation CDs (a $150 value) Read more…

Weekly Group Energy System Clearings

Price: $15

I have teamed up with the Kusum Institute and am now offering a group energy system clearing.

Thursdays from 5:30 -6:30 pm at 18 Pepperall Square, Saco.

You can register through

This is a weekly opportunity to maintain the flow and clarity of your chakras, aura and much more. There will be a short discussion of what that nights clearing will entail, then you just lay down, relax and RECEIVE!

Vision Board Creation Class

Price: $50

Do you have desires for the new year?

Would you like a beautiful reminder of them?

Come create a poster of your vision.


I will start by doing a group energy clearing then take you through a guided visualization to help you imagine your best year ever!

You will have plenty of time and materials to create a poster with pictures and words depicting your vision.

When you are ready, you share your creation with the group which really brings it to life.

Got Inner Peace?

Price: $70

A series of four classes focusing on ways to reduce stress and increase joy and happiness.

  • Week 1 – Meditation education and practice.
  • Week 2 – Learn how to clear your own chakras and aura.
  • Week 3 – How understanding the Law of Attraction could help you.
  • Week 4 – Breathing techniques and more.


Beth Koehler 207-653-9792

RYSE Review

Calling All Graduates of RYSE

Whether you took the class at PRI, Spa Tech or privately,

This class is for you!

  • Do you remember the Ida and Pingala?

                        Do you clear them every day?

  • How about cord release, cellular memories, third chakra placement?
  • Did you really understand Cycles of Transformation?
  • Solution work is an awesome way to manifest goals.

                      Do you remember how to do it?

  • Have you been missing your connection to the hologram?

I am offering a 6 hour class that will help you remember it all  – – and a lot more. I have been a Polarity Practitioner since 1990 and have taught numerous RYSE classes. I have honed my explanations of the principles of RYSE in a way that really makes sense. I will review the most important points of the class and you will have time to ask specific questions.

In the last hour, I will perform a very high vibrational RYSE clearing for the entire group, including your personal list of what you want her to concentrate on.

So, pull out your book, listen to the CDs again and refresh your memory.

Tell your classmates, it can be a reunion!


Date: Sunday, October 23, 9:00 – 4:00 (1 hour for lunch)

Place: Kusum Institute, 185 US Route 1, Scarborough

Cost: $100

Register at or call 207-590-9800

For more information, call me at 207-653-9792


8 Week Group Coaching Class

Where: Kusum Institute, 185 US Route 1 Scarborough, Maine

When: Monday, Feb. 23rd - Monday, Apr. 13th   6:00 to 8:00

Price: $425

Would you like an affordable way to try Life Coaching?

    Are you looking for clarity about your next step in life?

       Do you need help recognizing & moving beyond your blocks?

          Imagine your inner growth with gentle, empowering support.


A goal is like a seed to be planted in the garden of your life.

This 8 week series will help you prepare your garden, enrich your soil and nurture your growth. You will be supported as you uncover your clearest desire, realize what’s been blocking you and find the strength and courage to move forward.

The classes will include discussions, writing exercises, guided visualizations, Law of Attraction education, homework, “Ah Ha” moments, laughter, love and support.  The cost includes one personal coaching session with Beth.


For more info, contact: Beth Koehler * 207-653-9792 *

To register, go to:  * 590-9800



Make Friends With Your Inner Saboteur

Where: Kusum Room, 12 Pepperell Sq Saco, Maine

When: Saturday, Mar. 14th   1:00 to 3:00


Price: $50

Do you have an inner voice that is stuck in the negative side of life?

Is that voice stopping you from believing in yourself?

Would you like a constant source of encouragement and support instead?

Come learn tools and tips to evolve your inner voice into one that you would be happy to hear from.

I will take you through a clearing of your energetic system, paving the way for a shift in your beliefs. You do have the inner strength and courage to make a positive change. During the class, you will uncover the history of your inner saboteur and offer a way forher/him to evolve into a more supportive voice. She/he really wants to help!



Where: Kusum Institue, 185 US Route 1 Scarborough, Maine

When: Monday, May. 11th - Monday, May. 11th   6:30 to 8:00 PM


Price: $40

An awesome one night class to help you rise above your stuck place and move forward.

I will take you through a simple, profound process of setting a desire then asking what has been in the way of manifesting it. She will help you raise your vibration above that of your struggle, to the frequency of the solution. At that frequency, so much is possible.

Register at