8 Week Group Coaching Class

Would you like an affordable way to try Life Coaching?

    Are you looking for clarity about your next step in life?

       Do you need help recognizing & moving beyond your blocks?

          Imagine your inner growth with gentle, empowering support.


A goal is like a seed to be planted in the garden of your life.

This 8 week series will help you prepare your garden, enrich your soil and nurture your growth. You will be supported as you uncover your clearest desire, realize what’s been blocking you and find the strength and courage to move forward.

The classes will include discussions, writing exercises, guided visualizations, Law of Attraction education, homework, “Ah Ha” moments, laughter, love and support.  The cost includes one personal coaching session with Beth.


For more info, contact: Beth Koehler * 207-653-9792 * bkoehler926@gmail.com

To register, go to: www.kusuminstitute.com  * 590-9800