Manage your Own Energy System with RYSE – Realizing Your Sublime Energies

You have an energetic system much like your digestive system, vascular system etc. This whole course is about realizing and understanding how your energetic system’s health and clarity, or lack thereof, affects your vital life force and what YOU can do about it. Every class includes education, discussion, experiences and guided meditation. Four 4-hour classes.

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Price includes 1 text book and 5 guided meditation CDs (a $150 value)

Detailed information about the RYSE class

RYSE 1 – I lecture about the placement and properties of each chakra, the aura and other smaller systems and, how they affect us if they are not open and cleared. You learn a basic meditation for clearing your own chakras, aura, and other pathways called the ida and pingala and the air pattern. There is a book to refer to in class, with an understanding that you will read more of it on your own. At the end of each class, you lie down for about 30-40 minutes while a guided meditation CD about the subject you learned that day is played. I clear your energetic system during the meditation. You receive a shorter version of the CD played in class for you to listen to at home to help maintain the clarity of your systems.

RYSE 2 – In your life, you form energetic cords with other people. Some feel good and others deplete you. They could be with the closest person to you and still be draining you. You learn how to recognize when you have a cord and what to do to release it. Also in RYSE 2 you learn about the polar energies called the inner male and inner female (Yin and Yang). Again, there is a guided meditation and a clearing of your system. You receive another CD which includes the RYSE 1 clearing along with supporting cord releasing and male and female work.

RYSE 3 – There’s a lot to do in RYSE 3. I call it a heavy lifting day, so much is released. You learn about the parts of you that hold your balance and the parts that hold your woundedness. We call them sub-personalities or aspects of yourself. You learn how to recognize which sub-personality is present. If it’s an aspect that is not supportive – maybe it is wounded, angry, sad, etc – you learn to clear it’s energetic system, offer light, raise it’s vibration and blend it with your healed self. Sound good? It can be very powerful once you grasp the concept. Also, If you had a traumatic childhood, you might still be acting from that wounded inner child as an adult. You will learn to go back and offer healing to yourself at different stages of your development. Remember, in the world of energy, there is no time or space. There is another long guided meditation and clearing and 2 more CDs for your home practice.

RYSE 4 – Now that a lot of lower vibrational energy has been cleared and raised, you are ready to evolve every system to it’s next vibrational level. It’s a fun, light class. At the end, I help you merge with the hologram of your highest potential – that is your most balanced, aligned, joyful self. Again, you lie down and receive a clearing, then receive your last CD.

Words from students of a RYSE Class:

“Beth is a wonderful teacher – knowledgeable, loving and clear.”

“A class that teaches you and leaves you with skills. Excellent”

“Beth was top-notch: compassionate, powerful, knowledgeable. This class can change your life!”