RYSE Review

Calling All Graduates of RYSE

Whether you took the class at PRI, Spa Tech or privately,

This class is for you!

  • Do you remember the Ida and Pingala?

                        Do you clear them every day?

  • How about cord release, cellular memories, third chakra placement?
  • Did you really understand Cycles of Transformation?
  • Solution work is an awesome way to manifest goals.

                      Do you remember how to do it?

  • Have you been missing your connection to the hologram?

I am offering a 6 hour class that will help you remember it all  – – and a lot more. I have been a Polarity Practitioner since 1990 and have taught numerous RYSE classes. I have honed my explanations of the principles of RYSE in a way that really makes sense. I will review the most important points of the class and you will have time to ask specific questions.

In the last hour, I will perform a very high vibrational RYSE clearing for the entire group, including your personal list of what you want her to concentrate on.

So, pull out your book, listen to the CDs again and refresh your memory.

Tell your classmates, it can be a reunion!


Date: Sunday, October 23, 9:00 – 4:00 (1 hour for lunch)

Place: Kusum Institute, 185 US Route 1, Scarborough

Cost: $100

Register at kusuminstitute.com or call 207-590-9800

For more information, call me at 207-653-9792