Personal Empowerment Life Coaching

Wouldn't it be nice if

A Life Coach can help you you fill in the blank.

Are You Ready??

  1. Do you have a desire or goal that you are having trouble manifesting?
  2. Is there something missing in your life and you’re not quite sure what?
  3. Do you need help clarifying what’s next for you?
  4. Do you feel stuck in an uneasy job, life situation, thought pattern?
  5. Do look you at others and wish you had their lives?
  6. Are you in a time of transition?
  7. Are you looking for a profession, a mate, a change?
  8. Are you tired of feeling the victim?
  9. Would it feel good to talk things over with someone impartial?
  10. Are you willing to try on new concepts and different ways of doing things?
  11. Are you willing to commit the time, resources and energy it will take to fulfill your desires?

If you answered yes to any or all of these, sessions with a Life Coach may be a good investment for you. Coaching is all about looking forward to where you want to go, not back at where you’ve been. It’s time to move on, ask a Life Coach to help. Call or email for a FREE 30-minute consultation.


What to expect from your Life Coach:

The beauty of talking with a Life Coach is that s/he is not attached to your answers. Your Coach is an impartial, nonjudgmental, caring person who has your best interest at heart. S/he can ask you important questions about yourself that a friend or family member might have a hard time asking. Your answers may surprise you. Those “aha” moments are what Life Coaching is all about — you discovering you! Those revelations help you see your life from a different perspective. Your Coach will help you realize what thoughts or beliefs have been limiting you and offer tools for transforming them to supportive thoughts and actions. What you believed was impossible to achieve, then seems quite within reach.

Your Life Coach has been trained to listen between your words, watch your body language, and reflect the information back to you in a gentle, empowering way. S/he imagines you fulfilling your greatest potential or success even before you do, and will guide you to the road where you can embody it for yourself. A good Coach will speak only 20% of the session, knowing the importance of silence, and of holding the space while you are on your self-discovery journey.

What I personally add to the session:

I became aware of the principles of the Law of Attraction many years ago and bring them into every Coaching session. I teach you how to be more aware of these principles in your everyday life. Whether you are thinking a happy, optimistic thought or a more negative, draining thought, Law of Attraction brings more of the same to you, so…. why not learn to use it to your advantage? Once you realize the power of this advantage, you may be surprised and pleased at how quickly your goals are manifested. I will offer you exercises that can be practiced at home to help keep you more and more aligned with better-feeling thoughts which lead to a better-feeling life.

Love on Brick WallI have been an Advanced Polarity Practitioner since 1990, and my experience in perceiving, clearing and repairing energetic systems is of great advantage to every coaching session. It is even possible to perform energy clearings without us being in the same room, so phone sessions are highly effective. I offer full Polarity sessions in combination with Empowerment Life Coaching.

I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) when my client has built walls in their mind around their deep truth. When we run into a psychological block, EFT is a wonderful tool for bypassing the mind and uncovering the most appropriate subject to be examined. It works by balancing a few key meridian points while the client is remembering a hard moment in their life. It clears the air and helps take the charge out of the memory, allowing us to move forward toward the goal.

What you bring to the session:

Come with a goal to be manifested, a desire to be fulfilled, or a question to be explored. We will work with your agenda. When you are ready to look at yourself honestly and answer the deeper questions, you are ready for coaching. Your willingness to consider a new perspective is paramount to your success. Your commitment of time, energy and resources to your future will allow the opportunity for you to achieve your highest potential. Being able and willing to work in partnership with your Coach is a satisfying, rich, supportive experience.

You will come away:

  • feeling heard
  • with new ideas for your future
  • with clear, easy steps that you can take to move forward
  • having more of an understanding of who you are
  • with more clarity of your situation
  • empowered and more in control of your path
  • honored and respected
  • more confident in decision-making
  • energized and ready for what’s next

Life Coaching Session Options

In person or by phone

Call for your free one half hour consultation, so we may meet and talk a bit about your goals. You can decide if Coaching with me would feel right to you.

Multiple Session Packages:

If you live locally, please call me at 653-9792 for in-person rates.

Committing to multiple sessions will allow us to truly explore the many facets of your desires.

  • Five weekly or bi-weekly sessions – with email support between sessions – $475
  • After completing the five – one hour series, each additional one hour session – $95
  • Eight weekly or bi-weekly sessions – with email support between sessions and a copy of my Empowerment Meditation CD – $720
  • After completing the eight – one hour series, each additional one hour session – $90

Individual sessions:

  • A single, one hour life coaching session – $100

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Coaching and Bodywork Combination Sessions:

Combination sessions are 1 1⁄2 hours, and include combining Life Coaching with either a full Polarity Therapy or Massage Therapy session – $120

(Coaching and Polarity may be done by phone. Sessions including massage are performed at the Saco Healing Arts Center.)

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