Tree of Life: Empowerment Meditations CD

What is Alignment?

tree-of-life-meditationsThe 2 meditations on this CD are designed to help your realize your ability to set personal boundaries and maintain your vital life force.

Click the play button to listen to a sample from The Tree of Life track on the CD.

Click the play button to listen to a sample from The Chakra and Aura Clearing track on the CD.


The Tree of Life meditation will help you connect to the powerful Universal Energies of Mother Earth and Father Sky, the ultimate balance of the inner male and inner female. When brought together and allowed to emanate throughout your body, mind and spirit, they form a strong bubble of protection around your being. From inside this bubble, you can hold onto your power, your balance, your life force and your joy.

The Chakra and Aura Clearing meditation empowers you to take control of your subtle energetic system by guiding you through a self-clearing of the seven major chakras and your aura. On the long version, there is a brief description of where each chakra is located and the significance of each one.

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The CD is free with the 8 Life Coaching sessions package.

I look forward to witnessing the moment you realize that you truly are in control of your own life, when you have the courage to say: This is my life and this is how I want to live.

~Beth Koehler,
Personal Empowerment Life Coach